E frontier Manga studio debut 3.0

The best way to create Manga and Comics from start to finish! Imagine, draw, and publish manga and comic art with this affordable and powerful tool. Manga Studio Debut is the ideal solution for first time manga and comic artists, as well as intermediate artists who wish to expand their creative toolkit with this intuitive 2D application.


* Draw your way. Sketch original art with a mouse or tablet, scan in existing art, or import artwork or graphics to get started.

# Outline your artwork. Ink your drawings with precision using hundreds of layers per page.

# Add details
# Choose from over 1,800 print-ready screen tones to add detail to your scenes.

# Customize with tools. Paint and erase patterns with ease using advanced shading tools.

# Create special effects. Add concentration and speed line effects in seconds.

# Add dialog to your characters. Easily make word balloons.

* Publish your work. Output professional quality manga for print or web.

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