The melt object can be used for a lot of different purposes in Cinema 4D. You can deform almost anything you put your mind too! In this sample we’ll melt a block of ice. Remember that you can melt anything, not just a simple cube.

For this tutorial I’ve thrown in a couple of materials and source files for you. Get them here.

First step is to create a simple cube. (Object > Primitive > Cube)

To make it less uniform we’ll add a slight fillet. For now we’ll use 15m fillet. For a better melt effect we’ll change the cubes X/Y/Z segments from 1 to 20 per side.

Then, we make it editable (Hit "C" on your keyboard). Next move your cube along the Y axis to 104 (or type 104 into the Y coordinate box)

To make it look like ice, add the ice material included in the tutorial download. (In the materials section, go File > Load materials)

Now create a floor object to melt onto. (Object > Scene > Floor)

For effect we’ll add the Black Zinc material also included for you.

Next we’ll add an omni light, add soft shadows and give it these co-ordinates:

Right, now we’re ready to add heat!

Add a Melt Object to your scene like so:

In the properties box, change the settings to:

Drag the melt object under your cube object as a child of the cube. Now if you play with the strength setting of the Melt Object you’ll notice the cube melts to the floor.

To animate this effect, simply drag your time slider to 0F (if it’s not already there) and make sure your melt strength is set to 0%.

Next hit the AutoKeyframe button to initialize auto keyframes. Move the time slider to 90F and change your melt strength to 100%.

Now if you play the animation, your cube melts. Now it’s here that I stress that this is a simple introduction to using the Melt Object and the results aren’t 100% realistic of melting ice. However this give you an insight to what you could possibly achieve with the melt object.

If you render your scene, you should get a result similar to this:


You can also try melting different figures, in this example, I continued with the ice material on a simple Zygot Man……now think about the Terminator!


As always, happy modeling!

- Mark [Woody] Woodward