Photoshop Training Video Tutorials Pt 5 plus workfiles | 139MB | 10 videos at 320X240 res

vanishing point tool 1)
arty part 2 (rain drops on wood and grass 2)
Adjustment Layers and Smart Filters 3)
Arty Part 4 (combining all previous arty tut's into one composite!) please do this one last 4)
colour Part 4 5)
Curves ( use curves effectivly!) 6)
Making a CD and case ( a bit of fun) 7)
Tips Part 1 ( levels and colour range) My new p1 of the tips tutorials 8)
Zombie effect ( turn someone into a cracked up zombie 9)
Arty P 3 ( creat clouds, rain and a sign for our final composite coming up in part 4) 10)

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