Additional Info:
Manage your 3dsmax material much easier than before:
Super material is a useful material tool for 3dsmax.(especially for architectural design)
Lets you add more than 24 materials in the material editor,quick remove missing maps,quick assign materials to objects,quick manage your material libraries.(.mat)
It is more powerful than the material editor of 3dsmax.
* Quick remove missing maps.(Remove paths or materials of missing maps)
* Quick clean up your scene materials.
* Quick sort used materials to scene material list from your scene.
* Easy add more than 24 materials in the material editor.
* You can use Material Library Favorites to easy manage your material libraries.
* Define your useful materials to Quick Material that will assign to objects very easy next time.
* Quick locate objects which missing maps,and easy to view objects or edit their materials.
* Auto match Renderers when the current scene Renderer does not match selected materials in the material editor.
* Supports all types of materails.(Default,V-ray,FR,MR...)
NOTE:This is a commercial tool for 3dsmax 20-use trial.FREE TRIAL VERSION.

Version Requirement:
3dsmax versions : (7.x,8.x,9.x,2008 32 bit)( 7.x,8.x 64 bit) Operating Systems:2000,Xp,2003,Vsita 32 bit 64 bit

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