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هذا الموضوع : USE VRAYLIGHT /lesson داخل ورش عمل ومسابقاتالتابع الي قسم البعد الثالث | 3D Programs : Vraylight One of the most important Vray advantages is its private lights which give it more power and more real ...

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    USE VRAYLIGHT /lesson


    One of the most important Vray advantages is its private lights which give it more power and more real works .

    Through this lesson we will explore the most important parameters of the 1st kind of Vray private lights whish is the Vraylight

    First I created this simple perspective to study the vraylight parameters on it .

    How to create vraylight ? follow me

    After click on the Vraylight I will draw a light plane as in the figure .

    To get a correct render the first thing I should do is changing the render parameters from the default max parameters into vray parameters by :
    Click F10 from the keyboard the list render scene will appear follow the next steps

    After click on " ok " you will see the change from the default parameters into the vray parameters

    Still we have another thing to get a correct render which is the delete of the default Vray light to get the maximum reality light .

    To understand this point I will delete the vraylight that I created before and render by click on F9 from the keyboard

    As we know that we see objects through light fall on it which mean that we can't see anything in a dark room because of the light absence…. While in our example the render shoe objects and wall without any kind of light which mean that there is a light ( that is the default vraylight ) which doesn't give the maximum reality light ( we will talk about this point in details later ) .

    Now to delete this light click on f10 and follow the next steps

    After click on render button you will get a black image ( this is the reality) because we didn't add any type of light so we can't see anything .
    Now before completing our lesson there are some important things that we should understand.

    Why the vray render ?
    It is very clear for anyone works with MAX for a while to realize why Vray as a Render, regardless the virtual destiny of Max and newcomers of this world, there are basics should be explained clearly for a good understanding. I say simply and briefly:
    - Why do we use white light in lighting? White color is the least interacting with other colors. In another word it is the least effective on the element reflected upon, that's why we use it in general and internal prospects. Also the white color for elements is the most reflecting color that leads to the increase of lighting, unlike the black color which is the most absorbent color of light.

    Sun is the most powerful source of light; we symbolize it by white color and general light of internal prospects symbolized by white color also, while special light (cosmetic and decorative light) symbolized with colors that match the element color.

    2- What does light composed of? We all know that atom is the main building unit of most elements in nature, In Max and Vray light measured by Photon which is the molecule of light, and we will use this idiom very often with Vray as Photon is the basic in Vray work.

    3- Types of light: In Max world we have two types of light:
    - Direct illumination: briefly we have a light emits the composing photons of light either to a definite direction or many, emitting light is greater at the source point then it fades gradually by moving away from the source till it vanish.

    - Indirect illumination: things get completely different as we don't have a light source emits photons? I said white color is a reflecting light and the black light is an absorbent, reflection intensity and absorption differs according to the color, starting from the white color which is the most reflecting one.. passing by light colors.. ending with dark colors and the black which is the greatest absorbent.

    Now light source emits photons to spread either to a definite direction or in prospective space according to the type of light source. The lights fall on elements to enable vision as mentioned before, thing is fine so far but is there an end to this story? No .

    Any object crash with another one will be an action and reaction, this photons which crash into the bodies existed in prospective according to its shape and color ,will spread out randomly , some photons will be absorbed by color and the other will spread out according to the color shade. It isn't over yet as these photons will hit the existing elements again , and the process of absorption and reflection of light lesser until it ends by spot strongly lighted in prospect, and less lighted dark areas.

    We have a marvelous list of parameters for this light :

    1- Multiplier
    Through this parameter we van control the strength of light . you can change the values to test it .

    2- Color
    It is for the light color .. th change it you van click on the white color and choose another color.

    In some cases I need to prevent light on some objects this is a marvelous advantage and has a great role in works ( we will talk about it later in our projects )

    To prevent light on an object a should know the object's name …. In our project I will prevent the light on the teapot on the wall ( its name is teapot02 ) as follows :

    In vraylight parameters I have exclude button click on it this list will appear which contains the whole scene objects in the left we choose the object that we want to prevent light on it then click on button 3 to add this object to the excluded objects list then click ok

    Before we render there is something we should know :
    What do these orders mean ?
    - Both : it means that I will exclude the light and shadows on the object.
    - Illumination : exclude light while I can see the shadow.
    - Shadow casting : I am not going to exclude light but I will exclude the shadow.
    Test these cases yourself the both situation is the default .

    I will make render now to see the result

    Now this light type has three shapes for the light source I can choose one of them through the " type list "

    *The plane type is the default we can control its dimensions through size
    *Dome : this type looks like skylight in max and gives the same affect and it takes the longest time in render .

    *sphere : this type looks like the lamp light ( the source light is a spere the light coming from )

    Let us go to another side of the parameters which is " units " through it we can choose the light unit ( in general the default value is " default image" ) the others works with the Vray camera which compatible with its parameters.

    Now we will explore the "options list "

    Double-sided : it is more active with the plane type when it is active the light come from the two plane faces . and no strong effect in the other light type.

    Invisible : when it is active we don't see the light source in the final render.

    Ignore light normals :when it isn't active the light comes normally in all ways while when it is active it is concentrate light strongly towards the source light see the following example :

    Now see the light concentration when we activate it while the light is less barbed ness and more normal it is not active.
    No decay : naturally when the light comes out from a light source is greater at the source point then it fades gradually by moving away from the source till it vanish this operation we call it Decay so "no decay " means that there is no decrease of the light flare.

    Skylight portal : if it is active it means the inactive of a number of parameters like ( multiplier, color ….)

    In this case we can control these parameters through environment list by click on f10 from the keyboard and choose renderer from the top

    Let us try

    Store with irradiance map :
    When we activate it we need to activate indirect illumination list by click on f10 the render settings will appear

    What is the benefit ? the activation of it decrease the image time ( try it yourself )

    Affect diffuse : the activation of it is more important to see the light effects on objects colors and textures .

    Affect specular : the light strength on the object faces that more light affected ( see images )

    Sampling : this list is important in tow things :
    1- the increase in render accusation and cleaning when I increase " subdivs" value but take care because the big values will result a long time render .
    this parameter is compatible with "QMC sampler list " in the render settings

    2- Shadow bias : it is for the awayness of the shadows the small values means a nearest shadow .

    Finally we will explore dome light options list it is being active when we choose the dome light type

    - The most important thing within this list is the ability to determine the photon radius and as well as decrease the target radius we get a good and beautiful render but longest time
    - Emit radius : it is for the light source radius … while the activation of spherical means that the source light is a complete sphere and the inactive of it means that it is a half sphere

    Now we finish the first lesson ..
    with my best wishes

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    الصورة الرمزية ammarkhatib
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