In this tutorial, we will create a semi-realistic polaroid photograph with accurate proportions and give it an aged texture. After completing the tutorial you should have an image which resembles the following:

I have found that polaroid photographs are 4" in width and 5" in height, this equates to 288px width by 360px height. Notice that in the final product I have left a margin around the polaroid so we'll need to create our canvas larger than 288px * 360px, I used width 360px and height 432px with a white background.

Next we're going to create the background of our polaroid, as I said earlier it should be 288px in width and 360px in height. You should make a colour different to the canvas for now.

We want the polaroid to be white but not blended with the background so we'll add a drop shadow to show the borders of the polaroid. Add the following layer styles to the polaroid background layer

Your image should now look similar to this:

Now that background looks ok but we're trying to simulate photo paper here so I think it needs a bit of texture. Sanami276 has made a nice paperish texture which we will use on the polaroid background. Copy this texture onto your photoshop canvas then make a selection of your polaroid background, invert that selection then delete that from the texture layer. The texture should now be the same size as your polaroid but too bright. We'll make it a subtle texture by changing the texture layer's opacity to 15%. Got all that? Hopefully

Now before we place our photograph on the polaroid, we must add a black rectangle in the place the photo will be, make sure it's on a new layer.

Now get the photo that you want to be on your polaroid and place it on a new layer. The photo doesn't have to be the correct size, the black rectangle will make sure only part of the photograph is displayed. Right click your photograph layer and choose "Create Clipping Mask". Your photograph should now be the correct size.

Now only the text (caption) remains. I used the Angelina font from DaFont. Just add the text beneath your photograph in a handwritten style font. I think the text looks a little too unnatural at 100% opacity so I changed my font layer to 80% opacity.

Now you've done the majority of the work, please save the .psd file now. Next you should hit Ctrl+Shift+E, this will merge all of your layers; this allows us to rotate the polaroid. Do a Free Transform (Ctrl+T) on your image and rotate it a little for realism. Notice that you have some transparency in the corners of your canvas. To fix this, create a new background layer and fill it with white

Now we're done but remember that we just merged all of the layers? This means that we can't edit the layers like the photograph again, that's why I told you to save earlier. Save the finished image and .psd file under new file names and you can still edit the earlier .psd file.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and now have a nice polaroid to send to family and friends

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