hi all ,and ramdan kareem to all of you .First let me apologize for not typing in Arabic(i got flamed a lot for this) but i live in the US and i don't have an Arabic keyboard. anyway down to business , i am going to graduate soon and i have applied for my final project which i have 6 months from today to finish,i was thinking about either making a specialized real in 3d modeling and sculpting or a short- the short is more like a cinematic intro for a game.so i am looking for some people who are also working on their reel or welling to start with me , someone to share ideas with , concept together , and help each other. as far as resources go i have a dual monitor setup with a quad core system with 8 gigs of ram + access to render farm at my school for large scenes.I also have a tablet and a cam + mic which should make communication easier. anyway if that sounds cool let me know , and we can go from there , maybe we can do a joint project . hope to hear from you soon