3D Animation: From Models to Movies
By Adam Watkins
Publisher: Charles River Media | 2000 | 430 Pages | ISBN: 1584500239 | PDF | 76.57 MB

Understanding the digital 3D world is the first step to becoming a real 3D animator and once you've mastered 3D model creation, you'll be ready to make your models come alive. Written for designers just beginning in animation, but with some background in 3D, this book provides the fundamentals on 3D design so that learning animation will be a smooth, enjoyable journey. Whether you have been working on your own for a while, are in an introductory animation course, or just need to hone your 3D and animation skills, this is the right resource for you.

With the hands-on tools provided here, you'll learn everything from understanding 3D to modeling, rendering, texturing, lighting, and animation. Written by an instructor of introductory to advanced level animation, this book provides practical insights, tips, and techniques. Practice tutorials and exercises are included throughout the book to help you build your own creations as you work through the detailed information provided. And when you're all done, there is information on getting a job in the industry, preparing demo reels, and getting started as a professional 3D animator.


-- Focuses on three leading tools: Cinema 4D XL, Lightwave, and Strata Studio Pro. Also covers, AfterEffects, Premiere, Final Cut, Photo Shop, and other leading graphics programs
--Discusses hardware (Windows and Mac) and software issues
--Teaches 3D modeling and animation from the beginning to the final cut
--Written by an animation instructor