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Minutes Matter Studio

هذا الموضوع : Minutes Matter Studio داخل الديكور و الماكس المعماري | Decoration and Architecturalالتابع الي قسم Autodesk 3D Studio Max : Minutes Matter Studio | 105MB Minutes Matter Studio - a powerful graphics program designed for interior design. Easily create ...

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    Minutes Matter Studio

    Minutes Matter Studio | 105MB

    Minutes Matter Studio - a powerful graphics program designed for interior design. Easily create images window treatments and design the building plans, working in a single software environment. Explore the endless possibilities of digital rendering engine, adapted to your specific needs. This computer program develops the design process, saves you time during consultations and eliminates costly communication errors! Minutes Matter Studio offers the widest range of creative tools that help you produce extraordinary rendering. These creative tools include the feature of the use of layers, a promising tool, asymmetrical tool, transparency and the ability to add materials, wallpapers & textures. Immerse yourself in stunning virtual environment, which combines realism with artistic innovation for a variety of ideas and thoughts.

    Are you spending hours redrawing sketches for your clients? Now you can offer a variety of design concepts with a click of a button! This design software maximizes the design process, saves hours of time during consultations, and eliminates costly communication errors! Every detail of the design can be evaluated before fabrication begins. With a digital representation, alterations and design concepts can be quickly developed without the costly expense of redrawing the treatment by hand. Once the illustration is finalized, simply add dimension lines to create a workroom and installation spec sheet.


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    تبدأ من حيث بدأنا نعي وتنتهي بانتهاء عمرنا المحدود
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    رد: Minutes Matter Studio

    جزاك الله خيرا اختي مريم

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    رد: Minutes Matter Studio

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