this is a link for my showreel: Monem VFX Showreel 2009 on Vimeo


freelance Visual Effects Artist specializing in compositing and digital matte painting and 3D work. Looking for a job in the field to develop my skills and show good stuff.

Work Experience

2000 – 2003: freelance illustrator

2003 – 2005: 3D artist at Van Gouh Advertising Studio

2005 – 2007: visual effects artist at BTS digital effects studio

2007- now: freelance visual effects artist


3DS Max (excellent)

Fusion (excellent)

Combustion (excellent)

After Effects (excellent)

Photoshop (superior)

Boujou (excellent)

MudBox (good)


- Specialized in VFX, compositing and matte painting.

- very strong knowledge about the industry of Visual effects and on-set visual effects co-ordination and supervising (chroma lighting and shooting – 3d camera tracking – etc …) beside attended many shoots as a visual effects supervisor.

- Strong foundation in the traditional arts, including but not limited to figure drawing and/or environmental and/or architectural illustration. Good ability to draw and paint storyboards and concept art. PreViz any shot by drawing before start to execute it.

- Strong knowledge of photography (photography portfolio available if required).

- Strong knowledge and skills on miniatures and scale-model making for cinema.

- Script writing skills.


- 3 years in faculty of fine arts.

- Diploma from Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and graphic arts.

- Autodesk 3DS Max Certified.

Ahmad Abdel-Monem
freelance VFX artist