Instructor:Matt LINDER

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Description: In this lecture, visual effects artist Matt Linder discusses advanced techniques for tracking and stabilizing 2D plates using Shake. Using real-world examples, Matt shows his techniques for capturing a move with one-point, two-point or four-point tracking. Each tracking and transform node is thoroughly discussed, including where to place your tracking points to capture accurate track data, how to deal with obscured tracking objects, smoothing and averaging tracks, adding motion blur to 3D renders, and smoothing out camera shake without losing the original camera move. This DVD also contains challenging real-world production tracking examples.

Over 3 hours of lecture.

Product Code: MLI04

Tracking Node Details
Transform Node Details
1pt, 2pt-tracking
4pt corner pin tracking
Tracker Placement

Obscured Track Points
Mixing Track Data
Adding Motion Blur to 3D Renders
Smoothing and Averaging Tracks
Stabilizing Camera Moves
Production Examples for Practice

01: Introduction to Tracking, 1-Point Tracking
02: Introduction to Transform Nodes
03: 2-Point Tracking, and More Details of Tracking Nodes
04: Adding Motion Blur Without Transforming
05: Smoothing Action Moves
06: 2 and 4-Point Tracking
07: 4-Point Tracking with Obscured Points

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