Instructor: Matt HARTLE | Formats: (Mac or PC only) | DVD-ROM

In the third disk of this series, Matt Hartle focuses on Mental Ray's special rendering features, including global illumination, caustics, final gathering, and image-based lighting. Using multiple examples for each topic, this DVD teaches you efficient ways of using tools, examining numerous ways to recognize and eliminate artifacts.
2 1/2 hours of lecture.

Product Code: MHA03

Global Illumination

Final Gather
Image Based Lighting

01: Global Illumination
02: Caustics
03: Final Gather
04: Final Gather and Global Illumination
05: Image Based Lighting

Click here to view a sample clip from this DVD. Note that while this clip is 640x480 the actual movie size is 1024x768. View the stills to the right to see the actual resolution.

Matt Hartle is currently 3D department head and senior animator at BLT Communications/AV. While at BLT, he has worked on many projects, including trailers for Troy, Riddick, Scooby Doo 2, Swat, and X-Men 2. As a freelance 3D artist and compositor, Matt's recent projects include Van Helsing, and Scorched. Matt has taught at various institutes for animation and visual effects, including the Academy of Art, San Francisco, the Art Institute of Los Angeles and Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Hollywood. Matt studied Illustration at the Art Center College of Design.