Instructor: Alex ALVAREZ | Formats: DVD/DVD-ROM

Deformers are intuitive and interactive tools used to sculpt surfaces into new shapes, circumventing the need to edit vertices one-by-one. Maya offers a large suite of unique deformers which can be used in conjuction with each other to yield complex effects. Whether you are rigging a character or designing a crashing wave, a thorough understanding of Maya’s deformers is crucial. Simple mistakes made early on can cause big problems down the road.
Clusters and Blendshape are two indispensible deformers which you will find yourself relying on over and over again. Clusters allow you to apply transform node functionality to multiple vertices, while Blendshape is a morphing tool. We examine the application of these deformers to NURBS, Polygons and Subdivision surfaces (including NURBS patch models), with a focus on higher-level workflow techniques.

Product Code: DEF01

Paint Select
Component Editor
Weight Tool
Edit Membership

SubD Surfaces
Deformation Order

01: Introduction
02: Clusters
03: Weighting
04: Relative Mode
05: Blendshape Basics
06: Organizing Targets
07: Poly / SubD
08: Patch Models
09: Inbetween
10: Credits

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Alex is founder and director of The Gnomon Workshop and of Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Hollywood. Alex has been published in industry magazines, websites, and books - plus he has taught courses at several major trade conferences. His character animation projects have appeared on many computer graphics websites, on the cover of the ‘Maya Character Animation’ book published by New Riders, and his 'Zufuhr' project was commissioned by Alias for their Siggraph stage presentations. Alex is president of the Los Angeles Alias Users Group and sits on the Advisory Board for Prior to Gnomon, Alex worked for Alias, as a consultant and trainer for studios in the Los Angeles area. Alex is an alumni of the Art Center College of Design and the University of Pennsylvania.