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The Princess

هذا الموضوع : The Princess داخل Making oFالتابع الي قسم ابداعات طريق الجرافيك : السلام عليكم هذا ميك اوف اعجبني وحبيت ان اضعه لتعم الفائدة Software Used 3ds Max 2009, V-Ray & Photoshop CS3 ...

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    Smile The Princess

    السلام عليكم هذا ميك اوف اعجبني وحبيت ان اضعه لتعم الفائدة

    Software Used

    3ds Max 2009, V-Ray & Photoshop CS3

    This project was requested by Nitroglicerina studio, and they provided to me a sketch I was then free to create my vision of a classic princess in a white and gold detailed dress


    I started modeling the head using the poly-by-poly technique and always following the original concept. Her main characteristics were the facial expression and fleshy lips, and I wanted to make these elements very clear.
    Once I was happy with the head, I moved onto modeling in the hair. In beginning it was a challenge because the hair is a weird shape with curly parts. I took the polygons from the top of her head and detached them to make a new mesh and give the right shape to the middle part. After that I created splines for the curly parts and extruded the front
    polygons with the Extrude Along Spline tool using the splines as references

    The body was modeled in a different way; in this case I used box modeling to give volume and afterwards I refined the shape to the silhouette that I wanted

    I also used the box modeling technique for the arms

    The rigging wasn't just made for posing her, but for animating her too
    I used bones, shapes and helpers as controllers and morph target animation to establish the facial expression

    Texture & Shader

    Texturing for me is one of the most technical parts of creating an image. I started by texturing the hair and for this I created a color and bump map

    I adjusted the UVW mapping according to each hair part, and with the shader I wanted to give a reflection that suggested she was using too much hair spray

    For her face I created a color map only and worked with a shader with low specular to look like skin

    The body texture was a Blend material with two V-Ray materials and one mask. The V-Ray materials have the same maps, color and bump, with different bump and reflection levels for the gold and opaque parts. The mask was for the gold floral parts, which I wanted to give more highlights to.

    The arm textures I applied in another material ID using the same shader I’d used for the face

    Lighting & Rendering

    I used two V-Rray lights to light the scene

    Both lights had 32 subdivision sampling to cast soft and clean shadows. The front light was stronger than the back one to give a highlight to her face and I also left the environment very dark

    because I wanted to give a dark mood to the scene, to match her expression and secret smile

    The composition was simple, but effective, and I got the final mood that I wanted

    First I did a pure render in 3ds Max. The result was good, but some corrections needed doing. So in Photoshop I did some color, brightness and contrast adjustments to give more life to her. The next step was add a layer in overlay mode and paint some highlights to show the front light was stronger and make the gold parts shine even more. And finally I added a painted shadow over the background

    And here is the final result

    ان شاء الله يكون الميك اوف اعجبكم

    التعديل الأخير تم بواسطة 4MAX ; 24 / 05 / 2011 الساعة 16 : 11 PM



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