Portable Microsoft Office 2007 (Word & Excel Only) v4


What's New: Windows 7 Compatibility (otherwise identical to v3).

Includes: Spelling & Grammar Check, Equation Editor, Charts...

Excludes: Help, Macros...

Usage Notes

-> Simply launch your desired application (there's no installation).
-> Your settings are stored in the 'MSOffice2007Settings' folder, delete it to start fresh.

Note: 'Delete Thumbnails' deletes all thumbnails stored in the 'MSOffice2007Settings' folder and prevents them from coming back (since they can grow to hundreds of megabytes). It must be re-applied if you delete the 'MSOffice2007Settings' folder.

Note: Excel links to files within Word, so if you rename 'Microsoft Word 2007' Excel won't open.


OS : Windows 7, Vista & XP

Size: 217.74 MB