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عام 2013 كورس اليستريتور بعنوان متوسط

هذا الموضوع : عام 2013 كورس اليستريتور بعنوان متوسط داخل Other 2D Programsالتابع الي قسم 2D Programs-Video Edit : عام 2013 كورس اليستريتور بعنوان متوسط موصفات الكورس باللغة الانجليزي الحجم 2 جيجا [ Illustrator CS6 One-on-One: Intermediate Topics include ...

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    الصورة الرمزية خيالووو
    مشرف قسم الفوتوشوب

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    Jul 2010
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    عام 2013 كورس اليستريتور بعنوان متوسط

    عام 2013 كورس اليستريتور بعنوان متوسط

    موصفات الكورس
    باللغة الانجليزي
    الحجم 2 جيجا

    [ Illustrator CS6 One-on-One: Intermediate

    Topics include:

    table of contents

    11. Layers and Groups40m 44s
    Welcome to One-on-One 1m 52s
    Creating and moving objects onto layers 5m 5s
    Creating and using sublayers 5m 48s
    Creating 3D type as a group 3m 4s
    Selecting and working inside groups 6m 45s
    Creating clipping groups 6m 40s
    Working in an isolation mode 5m 29s
    Applying effects to groups and layers 6m 1s
    12. Swatches and Stacking Order1h 8m
    How swatches and stacking work 1m 19s
    Multiple views and power duplication 9m 6s
    Lifting a color and creating a swatch 6m 52s
    Creating and using global swatches 5m 2s
    Deleting, adding, and managing swatches 5m 20s
    Assigning and eyedropping colors 5m 12s
    Assigning colors to paths inside groups 5m 11s
    Adjusting the stacking order 6m 30s
    Selecting down a stack of paths 3m 35s
    Pasting in front and in back 6m 13s
    Combining multiple fills 7m 32s
    Trapping your art with rich blacks 6m 16s
    13. Strokes, Dashes, and Arrows1h 8m
    The rich world of strokes 52s
    Introducing the Stroke panel 4m 49s
    Caps, joins, and miter limits 5m 36s
    Dashes and arrowheads 4m 12s
    Using the Width tool to vary the line weight 9m 1s
    Adjusting the width of closed path outlines 7m 47s
    Making a coupon border with scissors 4m 38s
    Combining dashes with round caps 7m 50s
    Making an official money-like type effect 7m 59s
    Creating a wavy, engraving-line background 5m 39s
    Masking a pattern inside a background 5m 0s
    Creating tapering rules (with inset strokes) 4m 39s
    14. Gradients and the Gradient Tool1h 2m
    How gradients work 59s
    Assigning and modifying a gradient fill 5m 4s
    Using the Gradient tool and annotator 7m 18s
    Editing multiple gradients at a time 4m 14s
    Establishing symmetrical gradients 5m 48s
    Creating a radial gradient 5m 26s
    Adjusting the midpoint skew 3m 31s
    Mixing gradients with blend modes 4m 34s
    Adding transparency to a gradient 7m 9s
    Applying and editing dynamic effects 5m 45s
    Assigning a gradient to editable text 5m 29s
    Editing text that includes dynamic effects 2m 19s
    The new gradient stroke options 5m 0s
    15. Seamlessly Repeating Patterns44m 28s
    The reinvention of tile patterns 50s
    Drawing a linear spiral with the Polar Grid tool 5m 44s
    Assembling the raw ingredients for a pattern 4m 53s
    Using the new Pattern Generator 6m 51s
    The new tile types: Brick and Hex 4m 11s
    The Size Tile to Art and Overlap options 5m 43s
    Creating a new pattern based on an existing one 3m 0s
    Applying patterns to strokes and text 6m 15s
    Moving and transforming patterns 4m 5s
    Fixing problem legacy patterns 2m 56s
    16. Align and Distribute41m 34s
    How alignment and distribution work 1m 0s
    Snapping one anchor point to another 2m 35s
    Aligning a group to the artboard 1m 54s
    Distributing objects across the artboard 2m 49s
    Aligning to a fixed "key" object 4m 0s
    Distributing by a specified amount of space 5m 10s
    Using the Align options to move objects 5m 49s
    Adding an extruded edge effect 5m 45s
    Optically aligning objects 3m 2s
    Adding a credible 3D cast shadow 9m 30s
    17. Pathfinder Operations1h 12m
    Combining simple shapes to make complex ones 1m 22s
    Understanding all ten Pathfinder options 8m 27s
    Unite closed paths, join open ones 3m 25s
    Creating a dynamic compound shape 4m 40s
    Adding to a compound shape 3m 20s
    Variable width, Outline Stroke, and Unite 5m 18s
    Painting rough leaves with the Blob Brush 4m 56s
    Creating credible leaves with dynamic effects 4m 15s
    Contouring with the Blob Brush and Eraser 9m 14s
    Filling in branches with the Blob Brush 6m 7s
    Merging layers and uniting paths 9m 5s
    Using Divide and Minus Back 4m 28s
    Nesting one compound shape inside another 7m 25s
    18. Live Paint and Interlocking Paths1h 17m
    Filling and stroking overlapping areas 52s
    Introducing Live Paint 5m 39s
    Stroking with the Live Paint Bucket 5m 36s
    Using the Live Paint Selection tool 4m 52s
    Adding paths to a Live Paint object 8m 36s
    Building a classic, interwoven Celtic knot 6m 21s
    Weaving one path outline into another 5m 34s
    Creating a path that overlaps itself 7m 6s
    Painting a path that overlaps itself 5m 47s
    Combining gradients and depth with Live Paint 7m 2s
    Swapping out Live Paint fills and strokes 8m 2s
    Casting shadows inside a Live Paint object 12m 29s
    19. Placing Photoshop Images1h 2m
    Illustrator and the photographic image 1m 3s
    Placing a photograph into your artwork 3m 5s
    Dragging and dropping photos into Illustrator 3m 59s
    Working with linked images 8m 19s
    Scaling and cropping inside a bounding box 5m 8s
    Cropping an image inside a clipping mask 5m 52s
    Adding a border to an image, and colorizing 5m 12s
    Creating a trendy gradient page curl 5m 45s
    Placing a Photoshop image, with transparency 7m 13s
    Linking vs. embedding images 10m 29s
    Unembed and Package (Creative Cloud only) 6m 43s
    20. Printing a Document1h 19m
    Local and commercial printing 1m 1s
    Convert all text to path outlines 7m 17s
    Setting the trim size and bleed 6m 50s
    Creating automatic and custom crop marks 9m 13s
    Introducing and applying Pantone spot colors 8m 7s
    Using the Separations Preview panel 4m 43s
    Troubleshoot, overprint, and trapping 9m 33s
    Printing: The General options 5m 35s
    Placement, scale, and tiling 5m 59s
    Adding trim and printer's marks 7m 35s
    PostScript and color separations 8m 20s
    The esoteric advanced printing options 5m 25s
    21. Saving for the Web (and PowerPoint)49m 51s
    Making art for the Internet 58s
    Aligning your artwork to the pixel grid 6m 55s
    Optimizing editable text for the web 7m 1s
    Increasing the resolution of your web art 3m 30s
    Saving a continuous-tone JPEG image 7m 16s
    Optimizing your art to a specific file size 5m 19s
    Saving high-contrast, low-color art to GIF 8m 17s
    The more flexible PNG format 5m 6s
    Saving PNG-24 for the web or PowerPoint 5m 29s
    Until next time 55s

    لا اله الا انت سبحانك اني كنت من الظالمين

    انت الزائر رقم

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    الصورة الرمزية waleed_ali
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    رد: عام 2013 كورس اليستريتور بعنوان متوسط

    بارك الله فيك اخى محمد بس لو مكن ترفع الدروس 4شير او ميديا فاير يكون افضل لان الموقع ده محجم مساحات التحميل

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    الصورة الرمزية خيالووو
    مشرف قسم الفوتوشوب

    غير متصل
    تاريخ التسجيل
    Jul 2010
    Thanked 37 Times in 24 Posts
    معدل تقييم المستوى

    رد: عام 2013 كورس اليستريتور بعنوان متوسط

    حاضر اخي وليد ان شاء الله هخالي حد يرفعه رابط مباشر



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