Begin with a box

With chamfer, double the edges of one side

In the top view track the vertex to the rearand weld them on two sides with weld target

Extrude 4 times to create the fingers
Begin to give the shape to the base of the hand, prepared the extrusion of the inch
Extrude the inch

Select the polygons as this and make a slice plane. Place the section plan in the right direction and click slice. Deactivate slice plane(It is as the slice modifier)Do this for all fingers

Add these series of edges on top of the hand

In the bottom begin by make invisible these edges

Cut these edges
With cut add these series of edges
on the other side add these series of edges
Rounded the fingers by selecting the vertex and scale non uniformein the Z axe

In the side view, select the vertex and rotate them to make the fingers more rounded

Adjust the length of the fingers.Rotate a little bit in z (the fingers are not rightly aligned to the hand)

Select all the edges of the articulations (in version 5 and upper use the loop tool
Round the fingers by selecting the vertex of the sides and by rescale it with a non uniform scale on Z

curve the finger by rotating vertex

Adjust the length of the fingers.Apply a rotate in Z to arrange the fingers

Select all the articulation edges and apply a chamfer
in the top view an in the bottom view adjust the vertex as this
Chamfer the center edge
Extrude the polygones 2 times with each times a scale uniform

With cut edge, add these edges to the end of the fingers and weld the vertex in the center

pull the edges like this

make invisible the edge in the ceneter and visible these 2 edges
End by adjusting the shape of the hand. Extrude 1 time to create the wrist