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جديد المقبس العملاق و الغني عن التعريف Forest Pack

هذا الموضوع : جديد المقبس العملاق و الغني عن التعريف Forest Pack داخل Autodesk 3D Studio Maxالتابع الي قسم البعد الثالث | 3D Programs : السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته ,أحببت اليوم أن أشارككم جديد المقبس العملاق و الغني عن التعريف Forest Pack ...

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    الصورة الرمزية horizon2012
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    جديد المقبس العملاق و الغني عن التعريف Forest Pack

    السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته ,أحببت اليوم أن أشارككم جديد المقبس العملاق و الغني عن التعريف Forest Pack ,مقبس المشاهد المعقدة و الواقعية ,مع العلم أن آخر اصدار هده الأيام هي نسخة Forest Pack 4.3.6 و هده فيديوهات تقدم هده التحديثات الجميلة و القفزة النوعية التي يعرفها المقبس من يوم لآخر

    New features and changes:
    Forest Pack Lite/Pro 4.3.6
    - Fixed random rendering bug after deleting Forest objects or resetting the scene.
    ForestLOD (Level of Detail).

    A new type of object, "ForestLOD", is used to define levels of detail. Once created, assign it as Custom Object in Forest.
    Visibility triggers by distance to camera or screen size.
    Support for billboards and geometry.
    Custom materials.
    LOD properties can be adjusted in Camera rollout.
    New Area->Boundary Checking mode: Edge.
    This mode creates clean edges automatically, regardless of the geometry used.
    Specially designed for grass distributions, lets you to use clumps of any size, solving problems as this.
    Currently this feature is supported only in V-Ray and Generate distribution mode (not Custom Edit). For non supported renderers, Point mode will be used instead.
    Clicking Area->Edge with Left Ctrl enables preview on viewport (Points cloud mode only).
    Added Areas->Z Offset.
    Added Areas->Limit by Surface Material ID.
    Areas->Falloff Affect is separated into Density and Scale values.
    Added Forest Tools->Data exporter to XML files.
    Added General->Disable Pop-ups: turns off all suggestions and warning messages, except critical errors (this option is global and persistent).
    Geometry->Get Size from Library is removed and enabled by default.
    Geometry->Global Size parameters are removed, although they are accessible by Maxscript ("globs،ze", "width", "height")
    Geometry->Use Object Dimensions is replaced by local Scale parameter.
    New Display->Proxy model: Arrow (non-symmetrical)
    Added Display->Disable Object.
    Forest Tools->Instantiate copies User Properties, Object ID and wireframe color from the source object.
    Display->Use DirectX is changed to global and persistent value
    Installer supports multiple Max versions.
    16 new presets: Gravel, including detail and large scale models.
    Added materials for Corona Renderer.
    Fixed: Distribution->Mapping Channel is reset to zero the first time scene is loaded.
    Fixed crashing bug using Undo after a Surface delete.
    Fixed animation and point-cloud issues from objects with zero size at frame 0.
    Added Undo support for several operations in Geometry rollout (as Clear buttons).
    Fixed problem of Exclude areas with Inverted Falloff Curves.
    Fixed issues with Distribution->Diversity Map and UV Surfaces.
    Fixed rare problem related to missing Surfaces on load.
    Fixed minor issues in Maxscript functions.
    Fixed potential crashing bug on Forest cloning.
    Forest Color ignores status of Override checkbox when using Tint by Element.
    Added Undo support to Geometry->Copy/Paste operations.

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