Title: Adobe After Effects 7 Pro
Professional Features
Category: Multimedia & Video
Presenter: Steve Holmes
Steve Holmes is an award-winning print and web designer, an animator and a frequent speaker at conferences worldwide. His knowledge of graphic design software, typography, and production techniques is unmatched in the industry.
Platform: Windows & MAC OS
Format: DVD-ROM & Online
Level: Beginner to Advanced
Description: Steve Holmes, an award-winning British designer and animator, leads you through After Effects' professional feature set. The lessons focus on important aspects of special effects, rotoscoping, expressions, and 3D motion graphics. Take a journey into After Effects' incredible 3D world, with lights, cameras, motion and expressions for realistic animation. Plus, advance your skills to the next level with an in-depth and practical look at the effects, techniques, tips, and tricks used for high-end productions.
Running Time: 12 Hrs, 3 DVDs
Project Files: Included
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