Drawing with Pastel
Charcoal by Craig Nelson-DVD-RIP
اسطوانة فيديو لتعيم أساسيات التلوين بالباستيل وممكن تفيد المعماريين لاخراج المشاريع

Drawing with Pastel & Charcoal by Craig Nelson
640x480 | 96 kb/s | 820mb | AVI

This Craig Nelson Drawing Video/DVD is great for anyone interested in drawing, if you want to improve your painting skills or just enjoy knocking out a quick sketch.

Craig Nelson, CAC, shows you how to block in preliminary shapes, achieve proper placement and proportion, and how to pick out and render elements for a convincing three-dimensional scene. You learn how to sequence your drawing for the best chance of success, where to look for the brightest lights, anticipate soft and hard edges, and how to take advantage of reflected light and bounced color.
Craig discusses and demonstrates the importance of using a variety of lines to make a drawing more interesting and contribute to the artistic qualities of the overall drawing. He helps you hone your observation skills and bring what you see back to your drawing (or painting). Working from photographs, Craig’s drawings come to life in a matter of minutes.

Craig Nelson taught drawing and painting at Art Center College of Design in LA from 1974 and at the San Francisco Academy of Art College since 1990 where he is now Director of Fine Art Painting Department.